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Goshen Net - Christian Sites
Crosswalk Online Bible Tools
Crosswalk Devotionals
The Lighthouse Report
Freedom In Christ
Freedom In Christ - Daily Online Devotional
Bible Pathway Ministries - Bible in a Year
The Bible Gateway
Campus Crusade for Christ (SFU)
In His Image - Backgrounds
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

Search Engines

Lycos Roadmaps
Lycos Home Page
Metacrawler Home Page
People Finder Canada

Dictionaries & References

Reference Search Online - Net Links
Encyclopedia Britannica
Webster Dictionary Online
WWW Japanese/English Dictionary
Language Engineering Corp. Japanese Translator

Personal Pages

Annie's Home Page
Cecil Lau's Corner
Darryl's Web Home
James Davidson
Shona Davidson
Ruri and Kouei Nakamura

Acronym Finder
BC Yellow Pages
Canada Mortgage Rates
Currency Exchange
Frommers Travel Guide
HTML Compendium
Link Exchange
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Realty Link (BC)
Stock Quotes Online
Yahoo Finance
ViM Home Page

Parts Manufacturers

Semiconductor LinkPage

Analog Devices
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
AMP - Interconnects and Connectors
Berg Electronics Corp
Cypress Semiconductor Corp
Fairchild Semiconductor
Harris Semiconductor
Hirose Electric
Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
Linear Technology Corporation
Molex - Interconnects and Connectors
National Semiconductor
Phillips Semiconductor
Quality Semiconductor
Samtec - Interconnects and Connectors
Texas Instruments

Crochet Pages and Patterns

Christmas Pattern Menu
Country Crochet
Country Yarns
Crochet Collection
Crochet Hook
Crochet Memories
Crochet Musings
Just Hooking Crochet
The Smart Yarns Projects

Afghan Stitch Dog
Angel Bear
Bunny Magnet
Butterfly #2
Teddy Bear for Babies
Tote Purse

Cotton Thread Crochet:
Queen Anne's Lace
Illustrated Patchwork Crochet
Lisa's Thread Doily

American Heartland Afghan
Double Sided Afghan
Crochet Collection Afghans

Christmas Ornaments:
Candy Cane Wreath
Mini Angel
Rose Wreath
Thread Bell


A Religious Christmas - 1998 MIDI files
MIDI Music by Victor James

Graphics & Theme Pages

Disney by Design
Nature Photo Album
Gaylon's Picture Collection
Wildlife Gallery
Graphics & Horizontal Bars
Bells 'n' Whistles
Animated GIF Archive
Christmastime Celebration Home
Country Cottage Christmas
Wendyrae's Creations